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The Plateau Mont-Royal is located close to downtown Montreal near by the Mount Royal mountain. It is bounded by Sherbrooke Street to the south, the Mont-Royal to the West and it follows the railway tracks for its Northern and Eastern limits. The district is mainly French-speaking though a fraction situated to its northwest neighborhood, the “Mile End”, has always been attended by a mixed clientele purpose English mainly.

Mecca of the trendiness of Montreal, the Plateau has been awarded the title of best places to live in North America (Utne Reader). North America is a great place to see patterns of trendiness come and go, but this title is still topical for those who reside there. The area attracts not only artists of all kinds and baby boomers who want to enjoy the broth of Montreal culture, but also many Europeans looking for a welcoming land offering a quality of life similar to large cities such as Paris, Oslo or Rome.



What draws all these people to buy a property in this neighborhood? : the proximity of services; the diversity and the multitude of restaurants and bars that dot its shopping streets such as St-Denis, St-Laurent, Mont-Royal, Duluth and Rachel; the access to vast parks such as the Mount-Royal, lung of the city, and the Lafontaine and Laurier parks; the quality of its schools, including the National Theatre School of Canada, and also the legendary security provided by the city to its inhabitants.

Notably, the district is served by three metro stations Sherbrooke, Mont-Royal and Laurier and has regulations promoting public transport, Carsharing and bike paths.

Its proximity to the city centre and its central location offers its residents the opportunity to go to work or do any other activity without the need to own a car. Which is rather unusual for a North American metropolis. A considerable advantage when choosing to purchase a property.

On the cultural side, you will find a wide array of places that meet all tastes and requirements, including four theatres, show rooms, several art galleries and a movie theatre dedicated to Repertory cinema. This is what led in 2005 to the Plateau Mont-Royal being appointed by the Canadian firm “Hill Strategies”: “The most creative place in Canada”.

The Plateau is a district that offers the equal possibility to have fun day or night or to enjoy a much slower pace such as wandering peacefully among its streets and alleys that provide a continuously renewed cosmopolitan slideshow.

Whether to live or as an investment, the quality of life experienced in the Plateau Mont-Royal creates an environment extremely favourable to maintain and provoke a steady increase in the value of properties located on its territory. Actually, the prices of properties in the district can be considered as being very affordable for people from France or England where the idea of becoming an owner becomes far-fetched in the face of the excessive prices required for such a purchase in their country of origin. The cost of buying a condo in the Plateau Mont-Royal generally represents one-third of the cost for a similar property in a comparable area of Paris or London.

The Plateau represents not only a special environment where to live, but it is also a great neighbourhood to invest in Montreal.

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