Housing market statistics of the Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean region

Community profile ot the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region

When invoking the Saguenay Lac-Saint-Jean, the image that immediately comes to mind is the splendor and the magical beauty of the Saguenay fjord. The region is located about 220 kilometres from the city of Quebec and on the north-eastern shore of the St. Lawrence River. It boasts a population of approximately 280,000 souls disposed around essentially five major urban centres: Saguenay and Chicoutimi, Alma, Dolbeau-Mistassini, Saint-Felicien and Roberval.

The Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region is punctuated with must-see and unique locales that enchant all of its residents and attract those who wish to live in the Saguenay traditional lifestyle in a full-time mode. The Saguenay fjord is an out of the ordinary natural attraction due to the fact that it is one the very rare fjords that do not spill in a sea. Now, as a train plying the generous landscapes of this region of the Quebec territory, let’s get more familiar with the different places so that you will be able to appreciate all it as to offer:

—The first step of our walkthrough the region is the city of Saguenay, which has three districts: Chicoutimi, Jonquière and La Baie. The city is therefore located upstream of the Saguenay fjord. In Chicoutimi, the downtown area and it’s Cathedral offer all of the advantages of a medium-sized urban centre and boast a wide range of properties at affordable prices that will definitely catch your interest. Nearby, you will find the University of Quebec in Chicoutimi (UQAC) and its Campus, which provide a steady stream of students from around the province who gather here to learn and discover new experiences. In the La Baie district, you will come upon the Ha! Ha! pyramid. This monument was erected to commemorate the floods of 1996 and it was named after the river which caused this natural disaster. Finally, we should not forget to mention the Rio Tinto Alcan industrial installations, a jewel of international repute in the aluminum domain. It provides the region with a significant number of jobs, that allows the development of local businesses which in return generate a sound regional economic activity.

—On our way to the Lac-St-Jean, we approach the city of Alma. A medium-sized city listing a few industries, mainly small and medium-sized enterprises that have ensured a certain economic stability over the last decades. Our journey leads us naturally to the first settlement bordering the Lac-St-Jean: Roberval. This quiet town has gained an international reputation thanks to the famous “International crossing of the Lac-St-Jean”. Indeed, since 1955, swimmers from all around the world have gathered every year to defy the cold waters of the lake for a 32 kilometres ordeal that culminates by crowning the best long-distance swimmer. This competition had reached such a level of recognition that it was integrated to the Open Water Swim World competition (FINA) in 1998 contributing to a wide media exposure of the whole Lac-St-Jean region.

—Going ahead with our trek on route 169 we arrive to the city of Saint-Felicien, now famously known for its wild zoo which is recognized for being one of the most diversified zoos in North America. Due to being administered by the centre for conservation of boreal diversity and that it is also dedicated to the conservation of wildlife in this geographical area, it also turns out to be the biggest Zoological Garden in Quebec. The fact that it concentrates in the study of boreal species gave it an international recognition as expert in the field.

—Our tour of the Lac-St-Jean region ends with our ultimate stop: Dolbeau-Mistassini, also known as the capital of the wild blueberries. The region is known for its culture of blueberries and its related industry. Unbeknownst to most, many chocolate artisans are present in the city. Not only do they offer their refined products to the most seasoned lovers around but they also export a large part of their production around the world.

As a curiosity, who will be surprised to learn of the existence of nice sandy beaches in this area, which is a major attraction during the summer months. Why head South during the summer season when there are great beaches nearby? The shores of the Lac-St-Jean offer great spots for swimming. If you are a trekking amateur, the endless possibilities will definitely keep you in shape and out of your home. Each season bringing their own array of amazing sights. Take note that the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region offers a multitude of recreational and sporting activities in any season. Settling in the region guarantees access to not only the amenities of urban centres but more interestingly the possibility to easily escape your day to day living since nature awaits just outside your door.

Available properties abound. Be it on the shores of the Lake or in urban areas. No matter what type of property you are looking for, a great home to raise your family, a farmhouse for a planned return to the land or any other type of property, you will find a large selection in many shapes.

Come and experience the unique lifestyle offered in the Saguenay-Lac-St-jean region!

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