Certified kasakondo+ real estate brokers

Kasakondo + has carefully selected the best real estate brokers to accompany you throughout your project of sale or purchase of property.These must meet a series of very strict criteria to be part of our brokers members . You can enjoy a VIP service for the purchase or sale of your property without all the stress that such a transaction can bring.

Here are the criteria we use to the select our approved real estate agents

  • They must have a valid real estate broker’s licence.
  • They must have a clean record with their real estate board.
  • They must reside in the city or area where you wish to acquire a property.
  • They must have adequate professional liability insurance (error and omission).
  • Our real estate agents must have at least five years of real estate brokerage experience.
  • Our real estate agents must master the English language. This applies when Kasakondo+ refers you to a realtor in a foreign location.
  • Our realtors must undertake to provide all of the services listed in the letter of engagement that you will receive after filling out the request form on our website.
  • We review our real estate brokers’ track record in the area by analyzing all the transactions they carried out in the previous year. We look at facts, not intentions when referring a client to one of our real estate agents.
  • Your satisfaction is important to us. That is why we would like you to complete the feedback form we will send you to let us know how your realtor did and help us improve.


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Kasakondo + real estate brokers engagements

Our approved realtors have extensive real estate expertise, know what is involved in a real estate transaction and and are great negotiators—and they are committed to using all that to your advantage.

Furthermore, they agree to the following:

If you wish to buy a property

Your Kasakondo+ realtor will contact you by telephone or email within 24 hours of receiving your request to pinpoint your needs regarding your home, condo or multiplex purchase.

He will show you all the available real estate properties that meet your requirement so that you can begin to evaluate the feasibility of your project.

He will give you access to a portal so that you can see any new listings as soon as they appear on the market.

He will take your comments about your searches and make changes as needed.

He will plan the visits based on your availability and confirm them in advance.

If you have to take a trip to visit properties, your Kasakondo+ realtor will let you know in advance whether he will be available during your stay. He will then communicate with you upon your arrival to confirm the location of your first visit and make sure that you have adequate transportation to get there.

He will help you draft all the documents required for an offer to purchase and then present your offer and negotiate it with the seller and the seller’s real estate agent.

He will assist you in reading, in understanding and, if required, in translating all documents pertaining to the transaction.

Kasakondo+ highly recommends that you obtain a pre-approval form from your financial institution as soon as you can. If you plan to pay in cash, you must obtain a letter from your financial institution confirming that you have the required funds. Your realtor can use those documents when presenting your offer to purchase to show the seller how serious you are about buying the property in question.

If you wish to sell a property

Your Kasakondo+ realtor will call you promptly to learn more about your house, condo or multiplex. You can also schedule a meeting so that your realtor can visit the premises and present you with an adequate evaluation of your property’s actual market value based on recently sold comparable properties in your neighbourhood.

He will inform you of his brokerage fees and justify the costs by outlining the steps he will take to lead your futures property sale.

Your real estate broker will recommend the right marketing strategy for the market where your property is located.

He will ask you for all the documents pertaining to your property and verify that they are in order and up-to-date and that nothing is missing.

He will draw up the brokerage contract and explain each item to make sure that you have clearly understood the obligations of each party.

He will have professional photos taken of your property (HD quality).

He will be present for all visits unless otherwise agreed.

Your Kasakondo + professionnal will send you a weekly follow-up report of all the visits scheduled for the previous week, even if no visits were made during that period, along with comments from potential buyers and their realtors.

He will follow up with you within 24 hours of each open house.

On a monthly basis, your real estate agent will keep you informed of all new or recently sold listings similar to your own in the neighbourhood.

As soon as he receives an offer to purchase from a potential buyer, he will present it to you, explain its terms and conditions and help you negotiate any items you are not satisfied with.

Finalize your real estate transaction

Finally, whether to complete the purchase or sale of your property, your real estate broker Kasakondo + also commits to:

  • He will keep you fully informed of current real estate market conditions in your desired area/sector and update you on any factors that could affect or influence your future purchase or sale of house, condo or multiplex.
  • He will be present during the building inspection whether you are present or not.
  • He will explain the contents of the building inspection report, recommend contractors, and be available to negotiate any elements of importance that might affect the value of the property.
  • Where appropriate, he will conduct a walkthrough with you before you sign the deed of sale at the notary.
  • He will be there with you when you sign the deed of sale at the notary.

He will be available to answer your questions following the purchase or rental of a property and recommend contractors such as plumbers and electricians as needed.

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