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Located in the Laurentians close to the Mont-Tremblant national park, the Mont-Tremblant region has always been a sought-after destination for all outdoor lovers. A great place to live and buy a dream property

In 1938, the first ski resort on the mountain was installed by an American: Joseph Bondurant Ryan. The mountain profits from the prestige of being the tallest one in the south of Quebec cumulating at 9415 metres. This fact did play an important part in Intrawest group’s decision of acquiring it in the ‘ 90s to transform it into an international destination.

Mont-Tremblant experienced an incredible boom thanks to the creation of the Alpine village on its flanks. This village located right on the foot of the slopes represents an incredible tourist attraction boosting many hotels including the Fairmont Tremblant and the luxurious Quintessence hotel, a vast selection of condos, many restaurants and bars, to which must be added lots of entertainment facilities that are available to satisfy the tastes of visitors, real estate investors, and residents alike.Kasakondo-Immobilier-Station-De-Ski-Mont-Tremblant

To complete the already generous entertainment offer in place, the fourth Casino of the province was beautifully integrated in the surrounding scenery in 2009 on the “Versant Soleil“.

Many American and Canadian real estate investors have been attracted to this extraordinary and also unique region. Included in these investors are well-known members of the international jet set: actors, athletes, hockey players and business moguls alike, who acquired prestigious domains located on the Mont-Tremblant lake and its vicinity and who appreciate the well-known and sought after Quebecers discretion.

Mont-Tremblant offers a variety of properties adapted to answer the requirements of all budgets including those in search of a base, a chalet, a permanent residence, a luxurious retreat, however, all in all, a quiet place to run away from all the noise and stress of the city. With all the choices Mont-Tremblant offers, you are sure to find the perfect property for you!

What are the advantages of living in Mont-Tremblant?

By buying a property there, not only will you be profiting from an exceptional natural environment but you will also have access to many great places and benefit from many events such as:

  • The Mont-Tremblant itself, which is one of the nicest mountains on the East Coast of Canada to ski, snowboard, trek or go mountain biking.
  • The Mont-Tremblant circuit which is the host the Champ Car racing event and that has also hosted in the past two Formula 1 Grand Prix of Canada. Did you know that it is possible to spend a day on this circuit, racing your own sports car gold while renting a fabulous one?
  • You will have easy access to four golf courses of international repute: Le Géant, La Belle, La Bête and Le Diable.
  • What could be better than having a full day at a Nordic spa in a beautiful environment where you can take a dip in a river, either during the warm summer days or during a snowfall!
  • The Mont-Tremblant also hosts a vibrant Blues Festival in July amidst the Alpine village on the St-Bernard place.
  • And if you are in great shape, you could always participate in Mont-Tremblant’s Ironman trial qualifying stage hosted in the region since 2012 (Triathlon combining swimming, running and biking)


How to get there?

Mont-Tremblant is located 1h35min from Montreal, 1h45min from Ottawa and 6 hours from Toronto. Also, the region is served during the winter season by a direct flight of 1h25min from the Pearson airport in Toronto by Porter, Air Canada and Airways.

Whether you are looking to sell your property or to learn more about the state of the housing market to purchase one, feel at ease to consult one of our realtors expert in the region.

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