The origins of Kasakondo+


It is often said that inventions are born out of necessity. In the case of Kasakondo+, that statement could not be more accurate. As you’ll see, the platform and its unique service have a very interesting origin story:

In 2011, I was looking to buy a condo in Florida just as the tropical storm hit its hardest. I quickly discovered how difficult it was to find a trusted broker to assist me in my property search. Given the distance, travelling there and back to visit condos was out of the question, so it was important that I find someone I could really count on. Even as a professional broker myself, I found the search for a property very complicated. I had no unbiased recommendations or objectives, and I didn’t have any advice to guide me toward a particular professional. I searched everywhere online, spending hours looking for information that I deemed important. My goal was to find a valid and reassuring recommendation, a way to confirm that I was in the hands of an experienced professional who was dedicated and ready to help me with my search. I was looking for an expert who would be able to explain the reality of this new market to me, while always keeping my interests at heart. Unfortunately, no such service existed, so I had to resign myself to going through an obstacle course of buyers and sellers, to find that rare gem that would have otherwise gone unnoticed.

On several occasions, things got frustrating. I often came across questionable people. Working in the same profession as them, I quickly noticed their lack of seriousness and rigour. For example, I was once told, “In Florida, real estate brokers only work Monday to Friday, from 8am to 5pm.” Another time, after making three calls to obtain information about a condo, I was asked, “Who are you? Oh, that’s right…And your budget again? Sorry, but you’ll have to call my office back tomorrow, I’m just too busy right now.” And those are just two examples…

Coming back to Quebec, I realized that there were probably a lot of people in the same situation as me, people who were also seeking broker recommendations. I took the time to assess what would have been an ideal service for me, and from there, slowly but surely, I created the concept of Kasakondo+, an online reference platform where brokers are selected for their services, seriousness, and professional experience!

Today, I am very proud to be surrounded by a team entirely chosen by me, a team with a shared mission to help you buy or sell your property. We analyzed all the steps taken at each stage of a transaction, put everything in writing, and made it openly accessible on our website. Every step of the way, you’ll appreciate the transparency and diligence of our team. In short, you’ll have access to all the dedicated professionals and services you’ll need, things I, unfortunately, lacked during my own purchase in Florida.

Who are our broker members? They are expert professionals selected for their quality services, dedication, and impressive credentials in their respective sectors. Our brokers work in close collaboration with our platform so that we can answer your questions at any time. Whatever your needs or location, Kasakondo+ can provide you with a reliable real estate broker. Simply go to the Kasakondo+ website, fill out the form, and our team will take care of you by introducing you to one of our broker members. The broker will then send you a detailed service offer in writing, and you’ll quickly see for yourself how professional and serious our members are. And that’s all there is to it—the Kasakondo+ service is just that simple!

Now that my dream of creating this platform has become a reality, I can fully dedicate myself to constantly improving the quality of services offered by our team and our broker members, so that you can benefit from all our hard work.

That’s why we chose the slogan: “Let us simplify your life!”

Pierre Noël. President and creator of Kasakondo+.

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