Frequently Asked Questions on Kasakondo+ real estate services

Who are Kasakondo+'s services for? +

We aim to make your life easier and save you precious time that you would otherwise waste in the time-consuming search for the right professional to help you reach your goal.

If you cringe at the idea of spending hours in front of your computer searching for helpful information on the real estate market you’re interested in, and then interviewing multiple realtors to find help in buying or selling a property, you are the perfect candidate for our turnkey services. All you have to do is submit a request for help to get all the information you need.

As soon as you have submitted your request, we will assign you an active experienced real estate agent who knows your area and who will commit, on the spot, to helping you. How will we do that? We will go through our database of approved realtors and, using the information you have given us, we will choose the one whose profile best meets your criteria. Your realtor will hand you a detailed service offer and will undertake to contact you within 24 hours to answer your questions and get a clear idea of your project.

You will appreciate the peace of mind of obtaining from the start a written engagement letter outlining all the services provided by your Kasakondo+ real estate broker.

Kasakondo+ is your one-stop source for all your real estate needs.

What criteria do you use to select the real estate brokers you refer? +

We choose our real estate brokers very carefully. These must comply with all our selection criteria. Our goal is to maintain high levels of client satisfaction. To make sure we can closely track ongoing transactions, we will ask you to provide regular feedback on the progress of your transaction. Your comments will help us evaluate the quality of the services provided by our realtors.

Consult the selection criteria of our brokers

24 hours have gone by since I submitted my request and I still haven’t heard from a realtor. +

Our real estate brokers undertake to answer all requests within 24 hours. However, it may take them 48 hours to respond if you submitted your request during the week-end. If that is the case, do not worry. Your realtor may be away, but will get in touch with with you as soon as he or she is back.

If you haven’t heard from anyone within that time, please let us know so that we can take the appropriate measures to rectify the situation to make sure you receive the services you requested.

Why use Kasakondo+’s services? +

Our team has already done all the work for you. We have selected the best real estate brokers in each city or neighbourhood, regardless of banner, based on the impeccable services that they offer their clients, and those are the people we will refer you to.

Your feedback is important to us. That is why we will regularly ask you to evaluate the services provided by your realtor and rate your satisfaction with those services. If there are any issues, we will step in to provide you with the best possible service.

How can you help me? +

We will refer you to an experienced professional real estate agent if you want to buy or sell a property located in Quebec, Canada, Florida or anywhere else.

We provide all of our services free of charge.

If you are responsible for settling an estate that includes a property located in your area, in a different city or even in a different province, state or country, we will refer you to an experienced real estate agent who will help you navigate the specifics of such a sale.

If you contemplate selling your property to move to a seniors’ residence, we will refer you to a relocation specialist and to a realtor who will help you sell your current property.

Are Kasakondo+ services provided free of charge? +

No special fee, no subscription, and no commitment is required to take advantage of our services.

As a Kasakondo+ client, you will have free access to all of our referral services. There are no hidden fees, as our realtors will be transparent with you from the start. Our realtors commit to being part of our team in exchange for agreeing to all transactions being supervised and delivering an impeccable customer experience.

Because we maintain this association, we can provide you with our free VIP services and a clear commitment from our real estate brokerts to make sure every transaction is in your best interest.

Who pays the real estate broker's commission? +

You will have nothing to pay for if you require the help of a real estate broker to buy a property. Such services are completely free.

If you need help from a realtor to sell a property that you own, the usual broker’s fees will apply. Your real estate agent is required to explain and justify the regular fees when you meet or talk on the telephone. Please note that real estate brokerage fees are not fixed and they vary depending on many factors such as your property’s location, its general condition and its type (e.g., condo, multirentals, ranch, commercial space…).

The city that I am looking for does not appear on the list. What do I do? +

A given city or neighbourhood may not appear as a possible destination because the desired location is part of a greater region or a city’s smaller district.

If that is the case, select a city that includes the desired location or is close by.

If the results are non-conclusive, enter the name of the city, neighbourhood, village or region that you are looking for in the selection box and our team will do what it takes to find a realtor who meets your criteria. Please allow 72 hours for your request to be processed.

How do I choose the best place to live? +

That is an excellent question!

You probably already have a certain district in mind such as South Beach in Florida, Le Plateau Mont-Royal in Montreal or the Mont-Tremblant region. If not, you might have a general idea and would like somebody to help you make the right choice.

How to proceed? Easy. Start by selecting a district or city that you like, such as Le Plateau Mont-Royal, downtown Montreal or the Greater Montreal area. Then, when your Kasakondo+ realtor contacts you, ask him to tell you about the city and its districts. We can assure you that he will be more than happy to oblige and give you his opinion on the best neighbourhoods.

That goes for any place you wish to reside in. Let’s say you love the Toronto area. Which city or district would be best for you? Which neighbourhood would best suit your needs or lifestyle? Should you choose something downtown, on the ski slopes or on the harbour side?

Let us take this burden from you and make your life easier!

What if I have special needs or a particular request to make? +

If you need to make a special request for the purchase or the sell of a property, please do not hesitate to ask. We will do our best to accommodate you. How to proceed? Simply fill out the help form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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